How Meghan and Harry’s story has shifted in their Netflix documentary

The Sussexes share a tender moment in the the second episode (Picture: Netflix)

Sharp-eyed viewers were quick to spot how Harry and Meghan have changed their story as the first episodes of their £88million Netflix miniseries dropped.

In the first trailer for the blockbuster documentary, the duchess promised to tell ‘our story’ – but key aspects differ from what they have said before.

The first date

In 2017 the Sussexes told the BBC they met on a ‘blind date’ arranged by a mutual friend. ‘It was definitely a set-up, it was a blind date for sure,’ Meghan said in the first interview after their engagement.

In the first episode of the docuseries, Harry claimed he saw her first on Instagram – in a picture obscured by a dog filter – and began texting her after approaching their mutual friend. ‘I was scrolling through my feed and someone who was a friend had this video of the two of them,’ he added.

Harry said he saw his future wife behind a dog filter (Picture: Netflix)
The couple snuggle up on a sofa with plates of food in front of them (Picture: Netflix)

The engagement

In the same 2017 interview, Meghan said Harry proposed while cooking a chicken for dinner on a ‘cosy night in’ at their then-home on the Kensington Palace estate. Now they claim Harry popped the question during a romantic picnic lit by battery-operated candles, sharing a picture of Harry down on one knee on a flower-strewn blanket.

Harry bonding with Meghan’s beagle, Guy (Picture: Netflix)
The Duchess goes make-up free in one scene (Picture: Netflix)

The dress code

Meghan was known for wearing colourful dresses during her stint as one of the royal family’s most glamorous members. She said that ‘when I was in the UK I rarely wore colour’, claiming she usually opted for ‘camel, beige and white’. She added: ‘I wore a lot of muted tones but it also was so I could just blend in.’

Harry’s picnic proposal confused some eagle-eyed viewers (Picture: Netflix)
Archie celebrates his first birthday with Meghan, Harry and grandmother Doria (Picture: Netflix)

Right of reply

The series opened with a caption claiming: ‘Members of the royal family declined to comment on the content within this series.’ Royal insiders insist no-one in the family was asked.

Meghan claimed that during her time with the royal family she wore muted colours to ‘blend in’ (Picture: Phil Harris/Daily Mirror/PAR/PA Wire)

Freedom of speech

The couple claim they were gagged from speaking in public with Harry insisting: ‘We’ve never been allowed to tell our story.’ Meghan agrees, telling her interviewer: ‘That’s true, until now.’

Meghan and Harry smile for the camera (Picture: Netflix)

But it follows their 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey in which Meghan claimed she had received no help while feeling suicidal, and accused one royal family member of racism towards their then-unborn son.

They were already under fire over a Netflix trailer in which claims of press harassment were illustrated by clips of court appearances by Katie Price and Donald Trump’s lawyer, along with a Harry Potter premiere no royal attended.

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