Chatham: Mum can’t go to the toilet because of rat and mouse problem

Laura Clout, 37, says this is the worst thing that could have happened to her (Picture: SWNS)

A mum who has been plagued with a rat and mouse infestation for seven years says it has impacted her health and left her with no internet and rising bills.

Laura Clout is so scared of the pests she refuses to leave her bed at night.

This has left her with a urinary tract infection because she is scared to go to the toilet.

She first heard scuttling noises in 2015 during her first night at the house in Chatham, Kent, while she was eight months pregnant with her youngest daughter.

When she found mouse and rat droppings and holes around the house she realised there was a problem.

The 37-year-old said: ‘I’m petrified of mice so this is the worst possible thing to happen to me.

‘There have been times when I’ve been stuck on the worktop unable to move when I’ve seen one.

‘There are no solid foundations and holes everywhere. Because of this, mice, and now rats, have been able to enter my home.

One of the many mice in the house (Picture: SWNS)
Laura has spent hundreds of pounds on mouse traps (Picture: Laura Clout/SWNS)

‘Orbit Housing, who own the house, are meant to help and support me but they’re not sticking to their word.’

Laura’s baby monitor has managed to catch mice running in and out of the holes, and she has now wasted hundreds of pounds on traps.

‘I was told I was liable to sort mice,’ she said.

‘I have spent so much money on replacing furniture and trying my very best to get rid of them. I was excessively disinfecting my home daily, to protect my three young children.

‘It was distressing for my children as they were scared of the mice but at the same time upset that we had to kill them.’

Laura has only managed to catch a few of the mice (Picture: Laura Clout/SWNS)
There are many holes in her house (Picture: Laura Clout/SWNS)

Despite thinking the house was a forever home, Laura is now desperate to escape.

She said: ‘I can’t lie to people, so when they ask me why I want to move I explain the situation.

‘It’s no surprise that no one else wants to move in.’

The family were even forced to move out during Christmas 2016 because there were so many nice.

Laura says her neighbours have been struggling with the same problem too.

She says Orbit offered her £220 compensation but has not received it, forcing her to go through the housing ombudsman.

An Orbit spokesperson said: ‘We are taking Ms Clout’s concerns seriously.

‘Our pest control contractors have visited the property on numerous occasions but, unfortunately, it is taking longer than we would like to find a solution to the issue.

‘Our contractors last visited the property on Tuesday, November 29, and Ms Clout has been offered compensation for the delays and inconvenience caused whilst we continue to work to resolve the issues that she’s experiencing.’

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