‘She’s going to lose’: Megyn Kelly on Amber Heard’s Johnny Depp verdict appeal

Amber Heard will lose her appeal over a defamation case she lost against ex-husband Johnny Depp, ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ Megyn Kelly says.

The actress has appealed the $US10.35 million verdict after she lost a defamation case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, earlier this year.

Ms Kelly told Sky News host Paul Murray despite her prediction, Ms Heard still “has a shot” at overturning it.

“What she’s saying is that her alleged defamatory statements as published in the Washington Post were matters of opinion not fact and opinion cannot be defamatory,” Ms Kelly told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“She’s claiming what was in the Washington Post when she came out as … the face of domestic abuse was opinion, that was her experience. She’s got a shot on that.

“Overall, I predict she’s going to lose the appeal but it’s not completely without any foundation.”

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