Crufts winner’s dog ‘launched attack on woman’s leg’

Margaret Peacock’s dog, Mako, attacked Natasha Turner whilst she was visiting their home (Picture: PA)

An award-winning breeder’s prize dog mauled a visitor at her home, a court has been told.

Margaret Peacock, 69, who has won awards at Crufts, has been accused of being in charge of a dangerous dog.

The Belgian Malinois, named Mako, bit Natasha Turner at her house in Farnborough.

Prosecutors told the court the defendant was required to keep Mako under control at home because of a previous incident.

However, Miss Turner felt a ‘nip’ from behind and realised Mako was free.

Describing the attack, she said: ‘It happened really quick. When we realised it was going wrong I was scared because I didn’t think I was going to get the dog off between us.

‘It was like someone had got a knife, put it in your leg and was tearing it through with a knife. That’s the only way I can describe it.

‘I was screaming. I was crying my eyes out. It was really, really bad.’

The Belgian Malinois was meant to be kept under control due to a previous incident (file image) (Picture: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Sian Beaven, prosecuting, said: ‘Mako launched into a full attack on the lower part of Miss Turner’s leg.

‘Mako refused to let go despite attempts to make him stop.’

The dog then turned on Ms Peacock, who had grabbed a screwdriver in an attempt to stop Mako.

Miss Turner said the owner had asked her not to call the police because she was worried the dog would be put down.

Ms Beaven said: ‘Miss Turner wanted to call an ambulance and the defendant insisted on cleaning up because there was significant blood.’

Miss Turner’s brother, Aaron Turner, had to take his sister to the hospital, where her injuries were so significant they needed to be assessed by a plastic surgeon.

Ms Beaven said: ‘The defendant remained very scared Miss Turner would call the police and began buying her gifts to dissuade her.’

The breeder claimed Miss Turner was attacked by a stray dog in the woods nearby and said she bought her gifts as she was being blackmailed, the court heard.

Peacock denies the offence. The trial continues.

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