Is Tory party chairman Nadhim Zahawi waging war on NHS staff?

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The weekend saw Tory party chairman Nadhim Zahawi appear on TV to face questions over strikes to be held by various industries this month.

Mr Zahawi suggested that nurses planning on joining the walkouts would be playing into the hands of Russian president Vladimir Putin who, he said, ‘wants to see’ strike action here.

He said it was unfair for unions to ‘disrupt people’s lives’ over the festive period as he outlined plans to draft in the military to plug any gaps.

Some unions say pay should at least match the cost of living, which has been spiralling in recent months but the government says it can’t afford pay rises to cover inflation. Read on to find out what Metro readers think about this and other hot topics today.

Nadhim Zahawi appeared on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme (Picture: PA)

■ The statement by Tory Party chairman Nadhim Zahawi that nurses who are due to hold two days of strikes this month are playing into the hands of Vladimir Putin (Metro, Mon) is appalling. Zahawi hit out as it emerged that troops are being readied to cover for ambulance drivers and firefighters this winter.

Nurses and other NHS staff have been pushed to the wall. They were working throughout the pandemic while many of us were resting. If the pay demand is too high, it should be negotiated and settled for less. Trying to demonise them is appalling. Panmor, by email

■ Nadhim Zahawi: are you so stupid to make such a statement that our NHS staff are playing into the hands of war tyrant Putin?

First of all, apologise to NHS staff for this poor statement. Second, admit that the responsibility for our cost-of-living crisis sits squarely on this government’s shoulders. Third, give nurses the pay rise they all deserve. Finally, resign. Andy, London

■ What about Zahawi’s government causing austerity? Nurses were on low pay for years before the Ukraine war. Angry, Merseyside

Nurses are among thousands of workers due to take strike action this month (Picture: PA)

■ Workers playing into the hands of Putin? Unlike the Tories, who turned a blind eye to Putin annexing Crimea, accepted hundreds of thousands in donations from Russians and appointed Russians to the Lords. T Deng, Sussex

■ As someone with first-hand experience of the medical field, trust me when I say to all those nurses who are about to go on strike: undoubtedly you’re amazing and caring, but let it be known that in places such as New Zealand nurses frequently strike.

Many in the nursing profession are leaving New Zealand and going overseas because of poor salaries. How much money can you throw at hospitals? It will never be enough. Hannah Hammond, Windsor

■ Earlier this year the main feature of society was solidarity: people rejoicing together in identification with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and later remembering the late Queen.

Now vast numbers of these same people are looking after their own interest rather than that of the nation in demanding unaffordable double-digit wage increases. J Longstaff, East Sussex

Which of these is a superstition?

Do you believe? Might Nessie exist? (Picture: Everett/Shutterstock)
Perhaps the Brexit bus with the £350m slogan is more of a tall tale? (Picture: PA)

■ Further to the letters in MetroTalk about the paranormal, we can divide everything into things that might exist, such as UFOs; things that probably don’t exist, such as ghosts; and things that definitely don’t exist, such as Nessie and any benefits from Brexit. The Riddler, by email

This dwindling flock should be cast over

■ With the Census (Metro, Wed) showing that less than 50 per cent of people consider themselves Christian and those with no religion rising markedly to some 37 per cent, it is time to take religion out of the state. Not a penny of public money should be spent on religion, which is faith, not fact. Money that was spent on religion should go towards helping those in need.

No public money for any religious organisation, no money for religious education, none for religious buildings. Disestablishmentarianism should at last win the day. Anglican bishops should leave the House of Lords for good, and prayers should no longer be said in parliament. BBC Radio 4 should abandon its Thought For The Day programme.

Many religious organisations are wealthy, anyway – the Church of England has billions of pounds of assets. Were the established church truly Christian, it would be giving much of its money away to those in need – but it doesn’t, of course. Instead, it prefers to sit around in its glorious vestments and continue to pass around the collection plate. Religion – it’s unbelievable. Lester May, by email

And another thing…

■ Here’s one for all you fans of the Black Panther film. Regarding Ngozi Fulani’s uncomfortable encounter at Buckingham Palace (Metro, Thu), perhaps next time people of African ancestry are interrogated about where they are ‘really’ from, they should say ‘Wakanda’. Now, that will be a real conversation starter. They could even go on to speak about the late King T’Challa! Pam Udolisa, by email

Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa (Picture: Marvel/ Disney/ Kobal/ REX/ Shutterstock)

■ In her defence of private schools enjoying tax breaks because of their ‘charitable’ status, Imani (MetroTalk, Mon) claims that parents make sacrifices to send their children to private schools. I would be interested to know what these ‘sacrifices’ are.

Are they having to go without food and heating, or are they unable to get a mortgage – as so many people are – or have they chosen to go without other luxuries in order to get their children a better education?

If it is the last one, is this really a sacrifice or is it a choice? As for private schools deserving their charitable status, come off it – these are businesses that people choose to use and they should be taxed as such. David, Eltham

■ What’s going on with this country? Dogs allowed in shopping centres and even supermarkets. Can’t they leave them indoors for a few hours? There’s dog mess everywhere. No wonder diseases are on the rise. Are there no rules of any kind in this country? LM, Scotland

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