North Yorkshire: Mum finds ‘worm’ in Birds Eye fish finger from Asda

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A mum discovered what she described as looking like a worm from inside a Birds Eye fish finger just as she was about to serve it to her young daughter.

Rona Lovell, 28, bought the fish fingers at Asda in Skelton, North Yorkshire, but spotted a ‘curled up green thing’ when she cut one of them up.

She said: ‘I discovered the worm when I opened it up for my two-year-old daughter.

‘I cut it and opened it up, and saw the curled up green thing inside the fish sticking out. I pulled it using a fork.

‘I felt disgusted. I even lost my appetite. I was also shocked because I trusted Birds Eye.

‘We loved fish fingers from Birds Eye, but we won’t be buying this product anymore.’

According to Rona, the worm is about the size of the width of a fork head.

A listing on the Asda website says the frozen fish fingers contain Alaska Pollock.

The mum was about to feed the fish finger to her young daughter (Picture: Pen News/Rona Lovell)
Rona said she lost her appetite after seeing the worm (Picture: Pen News/Rona Lovell)

A recent study done in Brazil showed out of a sample of 108 frozen fillets of Alaska Pollock, only 18 didn’t contain any parasites.

According to the Food Standards Agency, parasites are killed by the process of freezing.

Rona says she has reached out to Birds Eye but has not heard anything from them.

She’s now urging other people to be vigilante if they buy and eat Birds Eye fish fingers.

She said: ‘All I can say is, even though you think a product is good, it’s better to double check everything.

‘They might have missed one parasite or worm, but finding it in your food is not very appealing to see – especially if you’re about to serve it to your kids.’

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