Outback Wrangler Matt Wright banned from contacting 50 people – including two people also charged over helicopter crash that killed co-star Chris Wilson

Outback Wrangler Matt Wright has been ordered not to contact 50 people as part of his bail conditions after he was charged over a chopper crash that killed his best mate.

Wright, 43, had his bail extended when he briefly appeared in the Darwin Local Court on Wednesday.

He will also have to pay the Northern Territory Government $20,000 if he doesn’t adhere to his bail conditions.

A copy of his bail conditions approved by Judge John Neill show there are 50 people Wright has been ordered not to contact.

They include former police officer Neil Mellon and helicopter pilot Michael Burbidge, who have also been charged in relation to the crash.

Prominent Darwin businessman and crocodile farm owner Mick Burns – who attended the crash scene with Wright and Mellon – is also on the list.

Wright has also been told not to contact Danielle Wilson, the wife of Wright’s friend and co-star Chris “Willow” Wilson who was killed in the February 28 chopper crash as well as pilot Sebastian Robinson who suffered serious injuries in the crash.

Several of Robinson’s relatives are included on the list, as is another helicopter pilot Jock Purcell, and Morgan Vidler, the safety officer from Wright’s company Helibrook.

Wright has been ordered to reside at an undisclosed address in Queensland until December 13, when he is required to live at another Queensland address.

Wright has been charged with:

Attempting to pervert the course of justice;

Destroying evidence;

Fabricating evidence;

Two counts of unlawful entry;

Making a false declaration; and

Threats/reprisals – interfering with witnesses.

Wright has strenuously denied any wrongdoing and says he will vigorously defend the charges.

His case will return to court for a preliminary hearing on January 25 next year.

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