A ‘strong conservative government’ can ‘pull Indigenous Australia out of the socialist swamp’: Dean

Sky News host Rowan Dean says “only a strong conservative government” will be able to “pull Indigenous Australia out of the socialist swamp bequeathed to it by successive governments”.

“And only a conservative government led by an Indigenous Australian will be able to defeat the gargantuan forces of the activist left,” Mr Dean said.

He said Indigenous Australians living in remote and regional communities “certainly deserve to have such a prime minister”.

“There’s only a couple of things which stand in the way of such an outcome, the main one of which is the referendum on the Voice.

“Remember, at its most basic, the Voice is a racist concept based solely on the idea that there are weird intangible differences between human beings based on their genetic make-up.

“It is no different in principle to any of the racist ideologies and beliefs that have blighted mankind’s history,” Mr Dean said.

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