Stockport: Woman’s £25 Aldi Christmas tree ‘fell to pieces’

The Christmas tree shredded all of its needles when it was taken out of the wrapping (Picture: Ginny Zieba/Deadline News)

A woman is feeling anything but festive after a Christmas tree she bought from Aldi ‘fell to pieces’ when she took it out of the wrapping.

Ginny Zieba, from Stockport, paid £24.99 for the real tree – which the supermarket chain claims is its ‘most popular’ and will ‘bring magic to any household this Christmas’.

But the 30-year-old counsellor says it shed most of its needles across her floor as soon as she opened it.

She took some photos of the sparse looking tree, surrounded by a huge pile of needles around the bottom.

Ginny described the ordeal of unpacking the tree: ‘I was pretty upset as I love putting up my tree but it was a disaster.

‘I scooped most of it up into carrier bags and took the tree back to the shop.

‘I sent a complaint but did not hear anything back from customer services or their Facebook page.

The needles left a mess on Ginny’s floor (Picture: Ginny Zieba/Deadline News)
Ginny has received a refund from Aldi following the ‘disaster’ (Picture: Ginny Zieba/Deadline News)

‘This was a weekend when I was supposed to have a lovely tree which I thought was a great bargain, but ended up as a nightmare of cleaning up and no response from Aldi.

‘The staff at the Poynton Aldi didn’t really acknowledge how much of an inconvenience this was at all either.’

While Ginny has managed to get a refund from Aldi, she said her home and car are now a mess.

She posted about it on Facebook and people were quick to comment.

Many described the situation as ‘bad’ and ‘not funny’, while others said they would ‘cry’.

An Aldi spokesperson said: ‘We have apologised to Ms Zieba that her Christmas tree didn’t live up to our normal high standards.

‘This is an isolated complaint and we have offered Ms Zieba a full refund.’

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