TikTok users slam British expat’s view on Sunshine Coast

A British expat has left Queenslanders fuming after she dubbed a beloved hotspot boring after moving across the world to live there.

The woman, who goes by Glasbyj on TikTok, moved to the Sunshine Coast four years ago thinking it would be like Europe.

But in the now viral TikTok video, which has been viewed 228,500 times, the woman claims she was left shocked “no one wants to have fun” on the Sunshine Coast.

Living in the Noosa region, the woman has listed all the things she hates about the popular destination.

Her biggest peeves included the lack of night life, with there being nowhere to eat after 7pm and everything is closed by 8pm.

She also felt it was “not acceptable to walk around in bikinis”.

Other complaints the woman had about the Sunshine Coast included that there was no beach clubs, no open sea boat trips and no beach bars like those seen at popular European destinations.

Hundreds of people have commented on the video, with many telling the woman she moved to the “wrong coast” and instead should have chosen to live on the Gold Coast.

“You picked the wrong coast, Gold Coast is young and happening,” one commenter added.

“The Sunny Coast is for retired people.”

Another added that the Sunshine Coast was “definitely for the slow movers”.

The woman responded to one comment that there was a retirement home in the street she lived in.

But many people slammed the woman’s opinion, stating the Sunshine Coast had plenty of things to do and see.

“Not sure where you’ve been on the Sunny Coast but there is a night life (and) bikinis are for the stunning beaches we have,” one person wrote.

Another person said they’d lived on the Sunshine Coast “my whole life, pretty sure I’ve eaten out after 7pm multiple times”.

Another angry user told her she was “wrong on all accounts”.

“Most of the world want to come here and they never leave,” they wrote.

The woman indicated in the post that the culture shock was forcing her to consider leaving the Sunshine Coast for her “next adventure”.

Originally published as ‘No fun’: British expat trashes Aussie hotspot in horrible review

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