‘We will see’ if Elon Musk can ‘clean up Twitter’: Jordan Peterson

Psychologist and author Dr Jordan Peterson says Twitter is “still working” after its CEO Elon Musk cut thousands of jobs and “we will see” if he can clean up the social media company.

He said he knows people who work with Mr Musk who “really admire him”.

“It seems to me, that the evidence is quite clear that he not only has a good eye, but he is capable of learning,” he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“So he will experiment and he will learn from his experiments – we will see if he can clean up Twitter.”

He added on social media, all the power is in the “hands of the accuser”.

“That’s not good – believe all women it’s like ‘fair enough’, except it’s believe ‘most women’.

“As soon as it’s ‘all’ it’s like ‘well what about the psychopaths?’”

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