Easy to make conservatives feel ‘guilty’ because they are ‘conscientious’

Psychologist and author Dr Jordan Peterson says conservatives are strong at “implementing” but when they are pushed in relation to their traditional vision, they may not be able to “articulate it well”.

“If you’re conservative, you don’t need a vision in some sense because what you tend to do is walk the tried-and-true path,” he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“And in some sense, that’s a replacement for a vision or it’s a traditional vision.”

He said the disadvantage on that front is when people push conservatives in relation to their traditional vision, “you may not be able to articulate it well”.

“It’s also easy to make conservatives feel guilty because they are conscientious, so if you tell a conservative ‘you’re not doing your duty’ they will think ‘oh well I’m not, I’m trying to do my duty’.”

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