Nigel Farage ‘plotting umpteenth comeback after talks with Tories’

Nigel Farage is apparently plotting another comeback (Picture: Getty)

Nigel Farage is ‘testing the waters’ for a political comeback after holding secret meetings with a number of ‘red wall’ Tories, reports say.

The former UKIP leader has taken a backseat from politics while focussing on his media career, but he is apparently considering a more active role in Reform UK, formerly known as the Brexit Party, which he founded in 2019.

Farage has become increasingly outspoken in his criticism of Rishi Sunak, saying he would have ‘no choice’ but to return if the PM backtracks on Brexit.

Speaking to GB News about the Government reportedly looking to ‘water down’ the Brexit deal, Farage said: ‘If we really are going to completely sell out in every way towards a Swiss-style deal or whatever else it may be, I would have no choice but to do something.’

He added: ‘I want to say this very clearly to Conservative Party leaders and thinkers. If I have to come back and do this again, at the next general election you won’t lose, you’ll be obliterated, literally obliterated.’

The Reform Party has recently seen a slight uptick in the polls and experienced a surge of support in the past month, with over 5,000 people – mostly ex-Tories – believed to have joined.

Nigel Farage says he would have ‘no choice’ but to re-enter politics if the government backslides on its Brexit promises (Picture: Getty)
Hardline Brexiteers are becoming increasingly frustrated with Rishi Sunak’s leadership on Brexit (Picture: PA)

Although politcal insiders believe the Reform Party will not garner enough votes to actually win seats at the next general election, many ‘red wall’ Tories are worried they could take votes off them and secure a victory for Labour.

‘If Reform UK gets even ten per cent of the vote that could be catastrophic for me,’ an ex-minister told The Sun.

Farage’s comeback could be swelled by the apparent failure to ‘get Brexit done’, along with record numbers of asylum seekers crossing the English Channel.

A source told inews: ‘The imposition of Sunak on a party base that specifically voted against him has sent thousands of people towards us.’

They added the prospect of yet another Farage comeback ‘scares the pants off them’.

Reform UK leader Richard Tice says he holds talks with Farage every week, and they have reportedly ruled out forming an electoral pact with the Tories like in 2019.

Farage is believed to be taking an active role in upcoming by-elections in Chester and Stretford, although he currently has no plans to stand as a candidate.

Meanwhile, his secret talks with red wall MPs could embolden more Brexiteer Tories to start rebelling against Sunak’s leadership.

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