Company boss hit with 100 parking fines ‘for parking in his own space’

Graham Bethel suffers sleepless nights as a result of the ordeal (Picture: Graham Bethel)

A business owner has amassed more than 100 parking fines for parking in his very own space.

Graham Bethel says he is entitled to having one vehicle in the service yard of his company in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Ever since he and his daughter took out the lease on a business in the town, they say the space has been included in the deal.

Graham has tried repeatedly to apply for their official entitled parking permit to place on his car, but still hasn’t received it.

As a result, he was being left with parking tickets galore – and staff who used the space out of hours and late at night had also totted up charges.

Graham has, so far, been battling in vain to get the fines overturned.

He recently saw his credit score drop from a perfect 100 to just 2, which emerged to be the result of a County Court Judgement (CCJ) put against him.

He told ‘We now have probably 100 or so parking notices and have again contacted the parking company and their solicitors many times to explain our position.

A huge host of fines could amount to thousands if Mr Bethel is forced to pay out (Picture: Graham Bethel)

‘I was surprised to find that a CCJ had been issued against me without my knowledge of a court case.  After a lot of searching, I found that they commenced proceedings giving a totally false address for me, to stop me being able to defend my case.

‘Although I have applied to the court to cancel the judgement, there is such a backlog with the courts that I still have this CCJ against me three months later, which makes it difficult to run my business.’

Graham added that the fines, which would amount to thousands, had caused sleepless nights.

He is also unable to lease a car for his business, a security company, due to his low credit score.

He added: ‘All the fines would add up to thousands, all for parking in my own space’.

UKPC, which issued the fines, and DCB Legal, which Graham says launched the CCJ, have been contacted by for comment.

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