‘Wasted opportunity’: Matthew Guy’s ‘failure’ to stand up to Dan Andrews

Wasted opportunities and a failure to stand up and campaign for the real issues with a bit of fire just sum up Matthew Guy’s Liberal state election campaign, Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton says.

Mr Houghton addressed the Sky News-Herald Sun People’s Forum between Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and state Opposition Leader Matthew Guy.

Mr Houghton said Premier Andrews “tore” into Mr Guy on issues of corruption, integrity and budget costings and the opposition leader did not fight back.

“If you want to be a premier and lead one of Australia’s biggest states you cannot sit back and let someone discredit your costings and say you are talking rubbish,” Mr Houghton said.

“Who has told him he should roll over and not defend himself in the middle of the only debate Victorians would see.”

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