Worth and purpose founder on helping yourself through helping others

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We tend to associate certain traits with entrepreneurs: persistence, focus, self-discipline, and innovation– the list goes on and on. While there is no shortage of words to describe an entrepreneur, one that never seems to come to mind just so happens to perfectly describe Travis Doodles, founder and CEO of Worth and Purpose, and that is faith.

Travis’ impressive entrepreneurial history includes developing his own clothing line, running a successful barber shop, and a lucrative career in videography. However, it was when Travis came to know his faith in Jesus and, subsequently, his wife, Amber, that he found the purpose to accompany his drive. Together, the couple created Worth and Purpose, a nonprofit with roots in Christianity but with branches extending generosity and blessings deep into the community.

“We wanted to show people that we valued them. So we asked ourselves, ‘What do we value as a society? And let’s give that to people.’ Time and money were the top two answers we thought of. So that’s what we started giving away,” says Travis. “People think you have to wait until you figure something big out, but it’s really the small things. I just realized I had to stop putting it off or making excuses and just do whatever I was able to.”

Travis quit his high-paying job as a videographer and began emptying his savings, lifting others up while learning their stories. He started documenting his work on social media, and his popularity rapidly increased, amassing over four million followers across all of the major social media platforms. 

Surprisingly, the more Travis gave away to members of his community, the more he started to gain. What began as helping others turned into a gift for Travis himself.

“I’ve learned how to view people through God’s eyes and to try to really love them right where they are at,” he says. “Everyone is on their own journey, and everyone has such crazy and unique stories to tell. Change takes time, and healing takes time. So patience has been a huge thing, too.”

As Travis and Amber look to the future, they have no plans to stagnate. Despite their massive success, they continue to seek new ways to grow, to reach others, and to support the community through their faith.

“We are really trying to focus on growing our network of people and resources. We see ourselves as connectors and we know there are so many great people and ministries out there that are already doing so much to help people. We want to connect people we meet to the resources they need.”

Though not everyone has the resources to give to others the way Travis and Amber have done and continue to do, that doesn’t mean everyone can’t contribute to making the world a little lighter and brighter. Travis’ advice to those searching for ways to help others is profoundly simple and absolutely free.

“Be intentional about loving people. Nothing else really matters in this life except people.”

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