Chatting with Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC

Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC. Photo Credit: Jake Harsh, Paramount+

On March 18, Chris Kirkpatrick of the pop group NSYNC, chatted at the red carpet at 90s Con, which took place at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

Kirkpatrick is known as the founding member of the pop group NSYNC, where he sang countertenor. NSYNC has sold in excess of 70 million units worldwide. Their “No Strings Attached” album made history at the time selling 2.4 million albums in its first week of release.

A multi-Grammy nominee (as part of NSYNC), he also serves as a singer, songwriter and producer; moreover, he has regularly worked as a voiceover actor and participant in numerous reality TV shows, which most recently, included “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Partaking in fan conventions, meeting fans

On being a part of 90s Con, he said, “It feels great. This is the first Con that I’ve done since the pandemic. We started doing them two years before that when we did a movie called ‘Dead 7.’ They started bringing the boy bands into the Cons and it worked and it was fun.”

“We get to see the fans and interact with the fans, especially the ones that don’t get to see us when we are on tour, or the grocery store or some other place. It’s a lot of fun,” he added.

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, Kirkpatrick said, “It’s tough, it’s weird, it’s a whole new ballgame. Understanding all of these social media platforms, and things you are supposed to do, and things you are supposed to say can be a challenge. Once you do something and it’s posted all over the Internet, it is there forever.”

Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees

Kirkpatrick had great words about Jeff Timmons, who is the founding member of another boy band 98 Degrees. “Jeff Timmons is probably one of my favorite humans on the planet,” he said.

“Jeff and I have been friends since the mid-90s. Jeff is such a good guy and we are so much alike, except he is good looking and I am weird. Other than that, we work well together and I love him as a person,” Kirkpatrick said with a laugh.

Pop 2000 Tour this summer

This summer, he will be a part of the Pop 2000 Tour, and on July 19, they will be performing at the Patchogue Theatre for Performing Arts on Long Island.


On his definition of success, Kirkpatrick said, “Success is happiness. Success is how you enjoy the life that you live. When I was a kid, if I could have written down the most perfect life I get to lead, I got to lead it. I got to be in a successful band, I have an amazing family and incredible friends, and I live in an amazing town. Everything working together makes me feel successful.”

For his dedicated NSYNC fans, Kirkpatrick concluded, “Thank you for still liking us. I know we are old and broken, but we will be back. Someday, we will be back.

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